If it is during clinic hours, here at VVPR, we are fully equipped to handle most emergencies that may arise regarding your pet. Please start heading directly to the clinic as soon as possible and give us a call on your way to let us know an ETA. As well as what the emergency is so that the doctors and technicians can properly prepare.

We operate on an appointment basis to allow for proper time and care to be shown to each patient that walks through the doors, however, emergencies are never turned away and will be triaged upon arrival and seen as soon as is deemed necessary.

Common signs to look out for that could potentially mean your pet is experiencing an emergency:

  • Collapse/Listlessness
  • Inability to get comfortable/pacing
  • Panting cat/open mouth breathing
  • Trouble breathing/gasping for air/ non-stop coughing/hacking
  • Coughing/vomiting blood
  • Cat straining to urinate- this may also seem like your cat is constipated and is taking several trips to the litter box, but producing nothing
  • Any injury to the eyes
  • Staggering/stupor
  • Seizures
  • Toxin/Foreign body ingestion
  • Heat stroke
  • Bloody diarrhea (especially in puppies)
  • Not eating or drinking for 24-48 hours+

If you have any questions about whether your not is experiencing emergency symptoms, please give us a call and we can direct you as to whether or not we believe you should bring your pet in right away.

If your pet is experiencing an emergency outside of operating hours, please head to any of the following trusted emergency centers:

Gulf Coast Vet
Sugarland Vet Specialists
VERGI Specialists