Our Doctors

Byron Germann

Dr. German graduated from Texas A&M Veterinary School in 1998 and has been partof the Village Vet & Pet Resort family since 2009. He loves spending time with his family, two dogs, Mocha & Pearl, and cat, Gunther. He also enjoys hiking, going to the gym, and traveling. Although he doesn’t play anymore, he also really likes rugby,

Rhonda Mitchell

A native of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Mitchell first applied to work in a veterinary practice before she was even able to see over the reception counter! Her love of the animal community and her enthusiasm for animal care has grown continuously since the start. She worked consistently toward her goals and earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM, from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2000. She loves to be active and outdoors spending time either nurturing her garden, hiking, or camping.

Alice Anne Dodge

Dr. Dodge grew up in Houston and received her Veterinary Medical degree from A&M in 2005. Dr. Dodge enjoys hanging out with her energetic black Lab, Abby, and her orange tabby cat Puddy Tat, better known as “the mini lion. She also enjoys reading, golf, scuba diving, and cooking.


Veterinary Technician
Since she was a young child, Samantha has always loved everything and anything to do with animals. Her favorite shows growing up were the Crocodile Hunter and the Jeff Corwin Experience because it was fascinating to see and learn about all the different creatures on our planet. She was inspired by the compassion and respect that these shows expressed for animals and it convinced her that she wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up. One day, while visiting family, she found a bird with its feet stuck in a glue mouse trap. When she saw the bird flapping around helplessly trying to get free, Samantha knew she had to do something to help. Without hesitation, she jumped to the aide of this bird by gently wrapping it in a towel and slowly trying to pry its little feet from the glue. Once it was free, she felt a great sense of satisfaction when the bird was able to fly away. This experience reinforced her desire to pursue veterinary medicine later in life.

After graduating from high school, Samantha initially decided to major in Biology at the University of California Riverside. By the end of her first year, she knew Biology was not the path for her. When Samantha learned about the pre-veterinary program at Pierce College, she swiftly left Riverside and attended her first pre-veterinary courses at Pierce College in the Fall of 2013. She loved all the hands-on experience working with the sheep, goats, chickens, and cattle at the Pierce Farm. Samantha then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona in the fall of 2016 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. During that time she also did an internship at a dairy farm in Ontario. Samantha graduated Cal Poly Pomona in 2018 and has since been accepted to Western University College of Veterinary Medicine. She will be going to veterinary school starting summer 2019.

Samantha has had a variety of pets since her childhood—everything from geckos, snakes, dogs, birds, cats, and rabbits. Currently she has 2 dogs named Max and Ebony, 1 cat named Meow Meow, and a rabbit named Honey. Her favorite pastimes include drawing, hiking, sightseeing, going to the beach, and watching Netflix.

Monique Mendiola – Receptionist

Cece Catmon – Receptionist

Madison Rowland – Practice Manager

Rachel Ihlenfeldt – Groomer

Janell Stringham – Veterinary Tech

Mariella Cavazos – Kennel Technicianr

Stephanie Sixtos – Receptionist/ Veterinary Tech

Rena Thompson – Kennel Tech/Daycare Handler

Danny Hernandez – Veterinary Tech

Joe Parra – Kennel Tech/Daycare Handler